Letting Go

Doug is upset when Buddy starts dating a 21-year-old; Annie is jealous of an old friend (Dana Plato) who has matured much faster than she has.

Written by Edward Zwick; produced by Edward Zwick; directed by James Broderick. Kraig Cassity: Steven. Dana Plato: Debbie. Tony O'Dell Howard. Tim Maier: Howard also.

[Doug and Buddy emerge from the house, carrying boards and whistling "And Whistle While You Work"]
Willie: Hello.
Doug: Hey.
Willie: Where are the other five dwarfs?
Buddy: They're off for the weekend. Wanna join us?
Willie: If it involves a hammer and nails, I pass.
Doug: We're gonna fix up the treehouse for Timmy.
Willie: Oh, well, that's great. So long.
Buddy: Guess it's just you and me, Grumpy.
Doug: That's right, Dopey.
Steven: Bookshelves?
Doug: No, a treehouse.
Steven: I always wanted a treehouse, but my mom felt it was wrong for the apartment.
Debbie: I promised Eric I'd come back with a dazzling tan.
Annie: Eric?
Debbie: My boyfriend. He took me to see the Stones.
Annie: Is he a geologist?
Debbie: The Rolling Stones.
Willie: Are you ready to go?
Annie: Even my sunburn has sunburn.
Willie: Awww... Where's Debbie?
Annie: In the deep end, if you'll pardon the expression.
[cut to Debbie in bikini, poolside, chatting with a couple of boys]
Willie: It looks like she's right at home.
Annie: Amazing, isn't it? Who would've figured Debbie Robbins would turn into Suzanne Somers?
Willie: Why don't you go tell her it's time to go home?
Annie: I agree. When's the next flight back to New York?
Doug: Buddy? You up there?
Buddy: I don't care that you've found me. I have nothing to say to you.
Doug: If you won't talk to me, can you at least listen? Remember what you told me the other day -- about the first time you climbed up there? You have to understand that part of me wants you to remain exactly the way you were then -- a little girl in a treehouse, who was afraid to fall, and made me promise to hold on tight. I promised; I held on; and I guess I'm still afraid that if I let go too soon, you'll fall -- maybe fly away. Now you've met this boy -- a young man, really -- I didn't realize how formidable he was until tonight. Maybe I did. You're going off to college next year... It's all too fast. Buddy, I treated you badly. I was selfish and disrespectful, and I am very, very sorry. But I love you. I know, that's a poor excuse... It's the only one I have. Buddy? Say something. Even a grunt, so I'll know you heard me.
Buddy: When I was little, and I'd decide to run away... I'd pack my suitcase, and I'd walk down that hall, right past your room. You'd say, "Good-bye, honey, I'll see you later." And I'd march down those stairs... Ten minutes later, I'd be up here in this treehouse. Knowing that sooner or later you'd find me. I guess I knew that you'd find me this time, too. I am leaving. And... and it is soon. And I'm scared. But some part of me will always be up here in this treehouse... with you.
Doug: Well, then, can you come down? I'm getting a neckache, you know, staring up like this.