Episode title sources

(Some are obviously correct; some are merely guesses on my part.)

1. "Thursday's Child" -- nursery rhyme

7. "Such Sweet Sorrow" -- Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

14. "The Cradle Will Fall" -- nursery rhyme

17. "On the First Day of Christmas" -- Christmas carol

19. "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall..." -- fairy tale

26. "More Things in Heaven and Earth" -- Shakespeare, Hamlet

30. "A Child Is Given" -- Bach, cantata No. 142; more likely, Handel, Messiah

37. "Childhood's End" -- title of novel by Arthur C. Clarke

43. "Echoes of Love" -- titles of songs recorded by Elvis Presley, Doobie Brothers

44. "Princess In the Tower" -- title of poem by Sara Teasdale

46. "... And Baby Makes Three" -- line from "My Blue Heaven"; title of 1949 movie

47. "Counterpoint" -- musical term

48. "Sleeping Gypsy" -- title of painting by Henri Rousseau (note: Manoff's character's mural is very Rousseau-like; see, for instance, "Tiger in a Tropical Storm (Surprised!)")

52. "All For Love" -- title of play by John Dryden

67. "Malicious Mischief" -- legal term

68. "From Russia With Love" -- title of Ian Fleming novel and James Bond movie based on it

73. "The Ties That Bind" -- paraphrased U.S. title of "Much Obliged, Jeeves" by P.G. Wodehouse; title of Bruce Springsteen song

77. "'Tis the Season" -- Christmas carol

80. "When the Bough Breaks" -- nursery rhyme (same as 14)