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The Hit List

All of the 211 words on the list below possess a certain very specific property, one that the vast majority of English words do not. Find it.

able ad adder addle age aid ail ale allow ally ample and ash at ate cab camp can car care cent cold cone coop cope core corn crap cream crew ear eat elect elf end entry even ever exist extant hack hag hall hallow halt ham hard hare harp hatter have he hear hell hip hit hoe hone hook hoot hop horn hot hovel how hunt hut idle ilk ill imply in ink inner ire it kid kill kin kipper kit lab lack lag lap lash late laughter lay led lender lice lick light lime link lip lit liver lob log lot low lumber lump mall mart mash melt mile mite mock mother mug nag nail nap nip not now oak oar often oil old on ore our pace pan par pare park parse pat patter pawn pay peak pear peck pend pew pike pill pin pine pit platter poke pool pore port pot pout pray print pry punk putter tab table tack tag take tale talk tall tar teak teal team tern tick tiff till tilt tint tone tool top tout tow train trait trap tray tress trident trip tripe troll truck trumpet tub tumble upper urge wallow wan warm way wear weep well wig wine wing will wipe witch word

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