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  • My Family page

  • The home page of Dave Blass, a friend of Kristy's
  • BCrazy's Starlet Site (featuring more "Like Mom, Like Me" pics)
  • The Pirate Movie page
  • The "Empty Nest" page and mailing list
  • Bubblegum Music
  • Feelin' Groovy! -- The World Of Singing Teen Idols
  • Alladinville, a collection of celebrity pages
  • The Internet Stars -- an index of links
  • Kids TV Links -- another

    You can also:

  • find lots of Kristy info in the Internet Movie Database or at E! Online
  • purchase Kristy movies online at Videoflicks, Video Online Express,, -- or, if all else fails, from Bob
  • get some week-by-week TV listings of Kristy movies and shows at TV Now