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September **, 199*
[student number]

Dear Members of the Board,

I would be more than grateful if you could modify my ***ology
3** class (Writing for ***ologists) as my fulfillment for my
ECB writing requirement even though at the time that I took the
course (Fall **) I was 3 credits short of being a junior.

When I registered for the class I told my T.A. that I wanted
the class to be modified for the ECB requirement. I told her
that I was not quite at junior status yet; to be precise, three
credits short. She then preceded to tell me that there wouldn't
be a problem. About two weeks into the class I asked her did 
she encounter any problem modifying the class and she said no. 
Nevertheless, to my disappointment and anger at the end of the 
year I received a letter from the University stating that 
because I was not a junior at the time I registered for the 
course I would have to take another class to fulfill this

I slaved away many hours (sometimes as late as 3:00 a.m.) at
the computer writing as many as fifteen papers to receive a
good grade in that course (which I in fact did receive a good
grade). I have demonstrated that I have fulfilled the
university requirements of their LSA students regarding the
writing requirements even though I technically was a sophomore.
I believe that the purpose of the requirement (and what is most
important) is to ensure that all of your students that graduate
from the school of LSA from the University of Michigan will
represent them well in society and one way is by being able to
write well, which is an excellent requirement. I have
demonstrated this and therefore I hope that you will find it in
your hearts to overlook my error.

Sincerely yours,


Undoctored scan.

USA Today front page, July 11, 2014

Dystopians Anonymous

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