"Little Darlings" review

"Little Darlings (1980) - In a frank look at teen girls coming of age at a New York state summer camp, this comic drama sharpens with insight and mettle whenever Kristy McNichol is on screen. She's the streetwise kid who immediately becomes the camp rival of silver-spoon priss Tatum O'Neal. The two bet on who will lose their virginity first as Tatum sets her eye on suave camp counselor Armand Assante and Kristy gets the hots for neighboring camp hotshot Matt Dillon. Although the ironic title and this description make it sound sappy, there's actually some solid ground here despite director Ronald F. Maxwell's uneven work. The cast includes Maggie Blye, Nicolas Coster, Cynthia Nixon, and Krista Erickson. (Paramount Home Video, 95 minutes.)"

-- "Long Hot Summer: Flicks for shorter days and longer nights" by Jerry Roberts, Cinemania Online