• From "Kristy and Jimmy McNichol: an unauthorized biography" by Susan Katz (Grosset & Dunlap, 1979):

  • From the original, "Kristy and Jimmy: TV's Talented McNichols" (same author, publisher, and year)

  • Their Own Family Hour, People, October 1977
  • This Kid's For Real, Seventeen, February 1978
  • Kristy's Own Life Story, Teen Bag, April 1978
  • Nifty Kristy McNichol, People, November 1978
  • A Millionnaire In the Family, McCall's, July 1979
  • Kristy Turns 17, People, December 1979
  • A Pad Of Her Own, People, March 1980
  • No More Kid Stuff, Us, June 1981
  • Outspoken and Red-Hot, Us, October 1981
  • Life's a Breeze, People, November 1981
  • Kristy McNichol Answers 57 Questions, Teen Bag, July 1982
  • The Essential Kristy McNichol, unidentified magazine, circa 1982
  • Miss McNichol Will See You Now, Esquire, January 1983
  • Rescued by Jimmy, People, May 1983
  • Kristy McNichol: To Hell and Back, People, April 1989

  • Review of "Little Darlings" on Cinemania Online
  • Review of "Little Darlings" by Roger Ebert
  • USA Today article about "Invasion America"

  • "Family" episode list

    (I am very grateful to R.P. for supplying me with copies of most of the above articles.)