Kristy and Jimmy: a questionnaire

Kristy Jimmy
Full name: Christina Ann McNichol James Vincent McNichol III
Nickname: Kris or Kristy Jim, Jimmy, or Pickle
Birthdate: September 9, 1962 [should be, Sept. 11] July 2, 1961
Astrological sign: Virgo Cancer
Characteristics: Compulsively neat; super organized Home-oriented; very good friend
Height: 5'2" (so far) 5'8" (so far)
Weight: 85 to 95 pounds 125 to 130 pounds
Eyes: Dark brown Hazel-green
Hair: Brown Sandy-brown
Favorite colors: Purple; red; blue Red; blue; yellow; green
Favorite foods: McDonald's burgers; french fries; cokes; anything chocolate Almost anything, especially steaks; hamburgers; crepes; apple pie
Least favorites: Spinach and squash Green beans
Favorite drink: Coke Milk
Favorite dessert: Chocolate fudge cake Cheesecake
Favorite actresses: Barbra Streisand; Genevieve Bujold; Bette Davis Angie Dickinson
Favorite actors: Marlon Brando; Warren Beatty; Burt Reynolds Robert Redford; Charles Bronson; Robert Blake
Favorite comedienne: Lucille Ball Lucille Ball
Favorite singers: Donny Osmond; Barry Manilow; Barbra Streisand Wings; Kiss; Fleetwood Mac; Beach Boys; Peter Frampton; Neil Diamond
Favorite TV shows: "I Love Lucy"; "Charlie's Angels"; "Starsky and Hutch" "I love Lucy"; "Charlie's Angels"; "Baretta"; "Rockford Files"; "What's Happening!!"
Favorite place: Hawaii: Big Bear Hawaii
Favorite city: Malibu; New York Malibu
Favorite scent: Yves St. Laurent; Sweet Honesty Musk; English Leather
Favorite sport: Skateboarding; skiing; motorcycle riding; football; tennis; water sports, especially high diving and scuba diving Tennis; skiing; all water sports, especially surfing, water skiing and diving; motorcycle riding
Biggest thrill: Riding roller coasters Parachuting
Favorite school subjects: Math; English Tennis
Least favorites: History Math; English
Special loves: Puppies; babies Backgammon; trampoline; ice skating
Specioal hates: Washing dishes; earthquakes; stuck-up movie stars Cleaning his room; getting up early; phonies
Favorite car: Jensen-Healt; MG Porsche
Hobbies: Dancing, dancing, dancing (and singing) Dancing; playing guitar and drums
Best friend: Mom; James; Jimbo Mom; Kristy; Jimbo
Pet: Lulu (dog) Heidi (dog)
Special interest: Photography Photography
Special wish: To win an Oscar To buy a Porsche
Ambition: To always be an actress To keep on acting
Worst fault: Nail-biting Not being able to sit still for long
Favorite clothes: Tight jeans; sweatshirts; shorts; T-shirts Shorts; bathing suits; football jerseys; gym shorts
Most prized possession: New car; motorbike; purple ring and socks '71 customized Chevy van; motorbike
Things to look for in a date: Good personality; cleanliness; neatness; mutual interests; sense of fun Good grooming; good personality; independence; femininity; sense of adventure
Things that mean beauty: Blue eyes; high cheekbones; long eyelashes Blonde hair; pretty smile; good figure
Age for marriage 30 30
Number of children: 3-4 Undecided
About acting: "I love it and want to do it forever." "It's great, and I have fun."
About fans: "I love my fans. All of them." "I love them. I've even dated one."