Kristy Writes Her Own Life Story For Us

Teen Bag, April 1978

I got started when my Mom and brother had been in Show Business for a while. I thought I would like to try it, so we got an agent and some pictures.

Finally, my first interview, when I was seven and a half -- a Kraft Cheese commercial. I got that one -- and then I did commercials from then on.

Then I had another interview for "Love American Style" when I was nine years old. Since then, I haven't stopped working.

My credits are: all kinds of commercials, "Love American Style," "Apple's Way" (I was a regular on that -- I played Patricia). I co-starred in "Starsky and Hutch." I co-starred in "Bionic Woman." And now, I'm starring in "Family."

I was in the movie "Black Sunday" and I did two After-School TV Specials.

I used to live in the hills of Sherman Oaks, with my brother, Jimmy, and my Mom. My brother, Tommy, lives with my grandmother.

We just moved into a bigger house with a pool and tennis courts, in the San Fernando Valley.

I have two great dogs: Lulu and Heidi. I have an X-75 Honda Motorbike, and ride it every day, if it's sunny.

I love going to movies, and dancing.

I have a cabin in Big Bear, where we ski in the winter. In the summer, I go up there to ride my bike and horses.

We have two cars -- a Mercedes convertible and a Van that is Jimmy's, but the kind of car I want is a Chevy Luv or a Rally Sport.

When I ever get my own house, it will be between the beach and the Valley, kind of in the hills. I also want to design it.

I love acting and I want to continue forever. I also am interested in all of the equipment, and I watch the director all the time. I want to direct a picture when I get older.

My favorite colors are purple and red.

My hobbies are photography, making collages of Donny Osmond, singing and dancing.

When I go anywhere, I usually wear a pair of pants and a nice shirt. But when I'm just running around, I usually wear tight jeans and a sweat shirt.

My worst habit is that I bite my nails when I get nervous. But I usually don't bite them on the set. I go through times when I bite them and let them grow.

I love people who are polite and not rude to others.

I refuse to let show business go to my head.

by Kristy Mcnichol